Sunday, April 26, 2015

Town 4: Jefferson

Jefferson. Just up North...between Albany and Salem. Hmm...

With map of houses for sale and six semi-happy children, we drove the 20 min to the heart of the little town. 

While reading the history of Conser's Ferry...the start of the small town, I sent a message to a very dear man from church by the same name. Relation? Yes! Turns out it is his great, great grandfather!

There was a the towm meeting place area...which used to be a bank.  

And some very cute old buildings. 

The COOLEST fire hydrant according to these critics...

AND...another Main Street. 
We're searching for it. Main Street USA

Ice Cream. Yes. 

River...yes. Don't try them kids.

And beware of the Thing. 

Trinket: A bullet we found near the bridge.

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