Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Town One: Toledo

Josh's first stomping grounds!

Toledo...almost coastal, but not quite.

We started with a drive around the town: saw Josh's old house and where he used to ride big wheels.

After that we hit Main Street. The kids' all commented on the many closed down shops and we had a nice little conversation on the decline of the small town. We did manage to find a watch shop to peek in at but I think our presence made the owner a little nervous.

A short walk took us to "Grandpa's Old Cabinet Shop."

Further still and we were at the docks. Of course this was interesting to water always is.

Continuing on...we found a train museum which, unfortunately, was just closing up. But the man who runs it was quite nice and chatty. Local...check.

All agreed (at least those under 12) that Toledo was the best town ever and we should certainly move there.

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