Sunday, May 03, 2015

Town 11: Daysville

A little ways down the Highway from Mitchell we stopped at Daysville. A tad bit contrived, but holding that classic charm that shouts "we used to be a legitimate town of Western Lore" 


Bass Reeves in Action

ha ha.

These Two.

We stopped in at the Dayville Mercentile to find all of those "candies from the past." 
Candy sticks and gum cigs. Oh the memories. 

And old time horse. 

Goodbye quaint old once-upon-a-time town. 

Local: Store worker. 
Keepsake: Arrowhead from the store

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Paul & Beth said...

I have not checked your blog in a very long time. What fun I had tonight on catching up! You have a great way of getting in family time and get-aways! I love your 50 theme. God bless you guys! Beth