Sunday, May 03, 2015

Towns 6-9: Tangent, Shed, Halsey and Harrisburg

A short trip down south on HWY 99E took us on a fun adventure with lessons on small towns of the past and what was important to them.

First stop...five miles out of Albany...Tangent.

Tangent was named for its long stretch of railroad. Named after the mathematical tangent.

Another of Grandpa's old shops

Also in the "history books" for Tangent was the story of a prominent man who, upon his death, left everything to the city AND Kitty Kat. The city was to provide for Kitty Kat until her death. We found her grave.

And then we found a cat. 

After a nice lunch in the park...

And a short walk around the railroad tracks...

We were ready to make our way town 99. 

Souvenir: Railroad Tie
Local: The cat. ;)

Next stop: Thompson's Mill...previous location of Shed

In all my years in the area, all the field trip opportunities there, I have NEVER visited. 

Don't miss this one. 

There were nice chickens on the other side of a fence.

And then one jumped. 

They were very friendly chickens who apparently knew no boundaries. 

We came in the middle of two tour times, but a lovely man and lady took us on a tour anyway.

It is a truly beautiful place. A must see.

A few miles down took us to the current location of Shed. It had been moved after the railroad decided to bypass it. 

Fortunately, our family AND our firearms are welcome here.

Quick walk down the main stretch.

And we were back on the road

Next Stop: Halsey

Okay, Okay...I know this is a quaint, cute, adorable little town, 
But it was so eerily quiet and just THERE. 

After a quick stop at the grocery store to get Milo a cup we drove awhile until we found a park. 

The park was cute.

Again...notice the railway theme.

Apparently my children would do well in countries where train roof riding is the thing.

Back on the road: Destination: one of the tri-county cities

Something is up there.

Run run run everywhere.

Once more...a town with a river. The best. 

Now THIS is Milo's idea of fun. 



Someone didn't want to leave the water.

My Jake.

DariMart is a must stop in this area.

Goodbye Harrisburg. You are a lovely little town.

Souvenir: Some bolt looking thing Max found on the road
Local: A man who passed and said, "It's like the fourth of July" I'm not sure if he meant we looked like a crowd OR it was so hot.

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