Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Call for Communion

A nursing mother gazes down at her infant. She sees two eyes fixed on her, studying her face as he draws nourishment from her.
From the first meal, a child's eyes are in search of human attention. We appear to be designed in such a way: think of the nursing position--the babe cradled in the arm--so easy and natural for the exchanged glances of mother and child.
However, weaning from mother's milk is often when a child is weaned from their mother's fellowship at meal time. That precious communion of the family table is given up for the fleeting entertainment of television or the opportunity to "get stuff done" while the child is occupied with his meal. Oh the sacrifice we make in this trade!
To share a meal is truely a beautiful thing; to dine alone is lonely. How many adults enjoy eating by themselves? Don't we look with pitty on the lone person in the restaraunt? I won't try to explain or even understand the deep communion that is sharred at the table, but I will make it a priority to eat every meal with my children and share that bond with them no matter how small or insignificant the conversation seems to me.

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