Friday, January 13, 2006

What is Highchair Theology?

It is on the rise: laymen and ministers, educated and uneducated, wealthy and poor have emerged from their Christian circles and have begun to search beyond our modern Evangelicalism into a deeper relationship with our Sustainer: a relationship based on knowing the God we worship. This knowledge of God can come through no other means than by studying Him; therefore Theology (the study of God) is on the rise.
As theology becomes a true part of my Christian life, it will inevitably reach the areas of influence God has given me. As a mother, my chief area of influence is my children (Jake, 2yrs and Max, 4 months). "But how," you ask, "can a 2 year old become a theologian? They are still in highchairs, learning to grasp a spoon; how can they grasp the deep things of God?"
Oh foolish mother! Don't so underestimate your children! I don't suggest that we take our heady knowledge of theology and force it down their throats, as we would force them to eat eggplant (a food that, as a child, made me gag). To do this would, perhaps, make them bitter, judgmental and cold to the doctrines that are the warm breath of life to us, their parents. No, but rather let us come to their highchairs, in the everyday, mundane chores of parenting, and present to our covenant children a theology of life. Let us allow them to see that a breath without God would mean to breathe in death itself; but when God is in our lives, each breath is sweet, no matter how putrid the air of our circumstances may seem. Let us not waste this precious, fertile soil of their little hearts but let us cultivate and work with their soft hearts. May they see, even when too little to sit up to the table, that Christ reaches to them in their high chairs and calls them to commune with Him.

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