Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A New Direction

Okay all you blog browsers... there is a good possibility that this journal of my thoughts will be abandoned if it doesn't follow the thoughts in my mind: that is, adoption. So...we are faced with abandoning the blog or writing about adoption.

Here is a
"catch up" on where we are in the process:

First couple weeks in March: received our application and submitted it; received our contract and submitted it; received our Dossier and submitted it...HA HA...just kidding! This is the part that will take a long time! I have been working on it like CRAZY though!

In an attempt to keep the kids in good spirits with good memories of this process, I have resorted to "treats" while we are out and about. Yesterday I went on an excursion to as many offices as I could, picking up various forms. I also picked up for myself some lessons for next time:

1. Don't get your toddler hot-cocoa unless you want to visit every office's bath room... every ten minutes
2. Don't select loud toys
3. Don't select toys you think will be quiet without testing the "dropping factor" (Which seemed to be Maxwell's activity of choice).
4. Apples are not a good snack to bring: they leave an invisible film on the kid's hands that magically shows up on clean office windows.
5. A small piece of chewy candy works wonders to keep a child quiet and happy...however, it is much like the fuse on dynamite: once it runs out you had better be out of the building.
6. "We're almost done" has an entirely different meaning to kids than to adults.

I think we'll stay home today!

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Anonymous said...

But they're so cute you gotta love 'em! What a great mom you are!