Thursday, May 22, 2008

Further Explanation of Court

We have had several questions on the process of "court" so I will attempt to answer them:

Geda is currently an orphan of Ethiopia.

The orphanage "matched" him with us.

Papers were filed to the Ethiopian courts who will decide if we can become his parents.
They may decide that another court date is needed if papers are not in order or if they are requesting additional documentation of his legal status as an orphan.

If yes, he will no longer be an orphan; he will be our legal child (according to Ethiopia).

Because we will not see him before court, USA will not recognize him as our child.

We will travel and file to have him immigrate to America.

A re-adoption will have to happen here before he is legally our child in America's eyes.

Does that help? Post a comment if you have more questions.

Oh the headaches when you are trying to understand two countries governments and their workings together!

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