Thursday, May 22, 2008

See Ya in Court!

Well, I won't be there...neither will Geda...but our life and his life will meet in stacks of papers and, Lord willing, a judge will make him part of our family.
YES! We got our court date! Our agency called yesterday with the great news. May 30th...just about a week away.

SO...What does this mean? Well, if we pass, then Geda will no longer be an orphan. We will be his legal parents in the sight of Ethiopia. We will also be assigned a travel date!
If we do not pass, we will be given another court date. Either way, the news of such a quick date is great! If we do not pass, at least we will get another try before the courts close.

Please pray for God's will and my peace with it.


Coraly said...

I am praying for you and Josh....
See you soon!

Paul & Beth said...

I was just the court in Ethiopia? and for what kind of resons would they not pass you for? We will be praying for a good result as the Lord wills.