Monday, June 02, 2008

Needing a Laugh

The good news is: WE PASSED COURT! Geda is now our son...our Noah.

The bad news is: his paperwork is somewhere between Yakima and the National Visa Center. We can't get his visa until these papers get to Addis. We can't travel until then either. I am quite bummed today and it has rather dampened the news of a successful court date. In fact, it has made it worse knowing that he is legally our son. It is never fun to have government agencies standing between that first meeting. As though someone was telling you in the middle of labor: "Don't push yet...we just need to clear up the paperwork."

In an attempt to get this done as quickly as possible, I have enlisted the help of our Senator, Gorden Smith. The lady in his office who helps in these matters just called back to inform me that it is true: they don't have record of it in their system. I am to check back on Friday. If it is not there then, I am to call her. It is frustrating to have to wait until Friday, but at least I know I have help. Please pray that this will get all straightened out.

SO...I needed a little laugh. Josh and I were looking back through videos. This is Jake last May. I don't know just makes me laugh.


Lyman Trio said...

Praise God for passing court! :)

Coraly said...

That was so funny... I love Jakey's expression and the continual licking off of the pizza from his lips!!!

Paul & Beth said...

Congratulations! I am shedding a few excited. Will pray for the government paperwork/mail to fall into place....soon! God's timing is do all you can to prod things along, and then rest in the fact that the Lord of ALL is in control.

Love, Beth

Janine the Bean said...

Classic Jakey.

Jodi said...

Yeah...we're still working on manners :)

Thanks for the "congratulations." It is exciting and yet harder to wait. I know you understand.