Thursday, June 26, 2008

There is no cure...

"There is no cure for the adoption wait save to enjoy the interval."

Okay, I changed the quote a bit, but it was fitting to this week. I'm still here...still hanging on with ups and downs. Getting way less sleep than we should. Running around like a know the rest, I don't feel like finishing sentences these days.

Just a week and a half to go until we are on our way. No twiddling our thumbs though. Josh is going to the Olympic trials tomorrow, our massive garage sale is Saturday (yes, I know...we COULD have done this at a better time), Dr. appointment for Max on Monday, Jake's birthday on Wednesday, Party for Jake on Friday (although I have not even invited people yet(!) And that brings us to Sunday...departure day. Between that, we must pack (for Jake and Max, Josh and I, and the babies), shop for last-minute needs for the trip, get the nursery ready, clean, and juggle three kids who can obviously sense the pending disruption.

Well, Ollie is up. Gotta go.

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Paul & Beth said...

Are you taking Jake and Max, or packing for them to stay with someone here?