Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Three Little Birds

I woke up this morning particularly tired. Tired of headaches and trip planning. Tired of government agencies and agency e-mails. Tired of thinking about Yellow Fever and foreign travel. Mosquitoes and infants. Tired even of looking at Noah's pictures...the small, fuzzy images of my son that portray him about as much as our own imaginations can portray God. I'm tired of not knowing him. This past week...since Noah became our son...has been exceptionally trying. I can't explain it other than to say with the travel planning, uncertainty, government calling, and mothering...I am barely hanging on.

As I sat at the computer researching 3rd world illnesses, Good 'Ol Bob Marly came onto my Pandora. I must admit I rolled my eyes when I heard the song (I wasn't in the mood) until this phrase came into hearing: "Three little birds sit by my doorstep singin' sweet songs of melodies pure and true; saying, "this is my message to you:"

A moment of Divine encouragement, (via Marley???).

My three little birds:

On a side note: here is some history on the Rastafarian movement.


Janine the Bean said...

Cute pictures as always.

I love that song, by the way. So quit rolling your eyes at good old Bob.

Singing..."This is my message to you hoo hoo."

Singing, "don't worry 'bout a thing....cause every little thing (bum bum) gonna be alright."

Smile with EACH rising sun Jodi....Noah will be here soon.

Love you!

Jodi said...

Silly...I wasn't rolling my eyes over Marley. (I love Marley) I was rolling my eyes over the "la-di-da...everything is great" aspect of the song. I was not in the mood to get cheered up until I realized the wonderful three little birds who sing to me through the day.

Janine the Bean said...

Yeah, well, the "la-di-da" attitude does come when smoking mass amounts of mary jane.

Gotcha. I mean, how can you NOT love Marley?

wmw said...

Glad you saw some paper progress and some encouragement this week. Hope you get the word on travel very soon.