Friday, August 22, 2008

Favorite Photo Friday

The Favorite: Meeting Grammie

Runners Up:
Goof Ball

All in a day's work

"They stick!"

I don't know about that, daddy!

Meeting Grampie

Ready to go

Olympic training

What's YOUR favorite?


Hauswife said...


JPB said...

My favorite is "They Stick" -- but I like a lot of them.

Janine the Bean said...

My favorite is "They Stick" too. I like Noah with Grammy too though. ;)

Coraly said...

my favorite... noah and grammy. something about sweet little boys melting the hearts of grown adults...wonderful

Josh, Jess, Sydney & Annie said...

I like "they stick," and "Olympic Training". =) Sydney had a great time looking at your pictures. We started swimming early - I took Syd to Palm Springs at almost 2 and Annie at 5 months, so they've spent a ton of time in the pool. They both adore the water.

SGT Sunshine said...

Wow! Great pictures...hard choice. But I have to say "Ready to go" is my favorite with "They stick" a close second. "Ready to go" made me laugh nervously as I realized what was ahead in our future. God bless you Mama! =)

BTW, you asked where our daughter is from...she was a domestic adoption. Can't wait to compare notes as things start moving faster for us.

The Singlers said...

I liked "Ready to Go" too. It cracked me up that all the boys looked looked normal except for Oliver screaming his head off. "They stick" is also really neat - it is so Jake.

Sheri said...

How do you pick the best with four really cute kids and two great looking grandparents?!!! I loved studying them all.

Rebecca said...

"They Stick"...great shot!