Thursday, August 21, 2008

Word to the Wise

Many people know my concern with the two faces of many childcare providers. Meaning this: I have personally witnessed caregivers acting one way in the presence of the mother and another way when the mother leaves. A concern which does not need to be explained. I won't go into all of my negative experiences with childcare, just my most recent.

The other week, while at our local wading pool, I was able to observe a daycare of 15-20 children. They had come to the pool but were apparently not supposed to get their clothes wet. Now, besides the absurdity of asking that out of preschoolers, their tone in "reminding" the kids of this fact was horrid. "I TOLD you not to get WET! Now you're going to have to be wet the whole day because you couldn't listen to rules! Do you see THAT girl? SHE is following the rules!!" and so on.

Needless to say I was not impressed with this center. However, here is the kicker. When it got time for everyone to leave, I saw (though I had to pinch myself) these children loading into two mini-vans and a truck. Add up the seat belts: truck: 2, van:4-5 van: 4-5. That makes a total of 12 seat belts for at least 15 children. Hmm..... What caught my eye to this fact was the child sitting cross legged on the floor of the van. Can we say lawsuit?

Yes, I called child services about it. I do not know what is going to happen but I hope something does. I wish I knew the parents of these children and I would call them myself.

It is a sad thing. I know there are many good centers out there that truely care about children. The unfortunate thing is that there are many who do not; or, if they do, they are too worn out to give them the care that they need. What can one do? I say drop in frequently and unannounced to your provider. (if they do not allow warned) Also, I would send a recording device with my child and listen in to a day's activities. Check the backgrounds and references for all providers and check your local bbb. Extreme? Perhaps...but so is the safety of your child.

The name of this center is Circle of Friends Learning Center and can clearly be seen by clicking on the photo.


Sheri said...

At least I don't have to worry about my grandsons being left at one of these places!!! Good for you, Jodi, to have reported them. I hope it does some good.

The sad things is there is a good possibility these same kids don't get much better care at home....of which I don't have to worry about either :)

mama2reese said...

Oh Dear LORD!
As a child care provider (or retired I should say), it makes me sad to hear people that are suppose to be Early Childhood Educators being so unrealistic toward Preschoolers - so what if they got wet? Like they care? Take them home a bit wet and change them then? Or let them sit in the sun or a bit and dry! Geez . . . they are 3/4 yr olds!

I agree w/ all you said. Parents should never use a Center that doesn't allow visits. I use to have to beg busy Parents to drop by for a story. I like the tape recorder idea - not sure I want Parents to hear my awfully singing!

Good blog!
fellow DS Mama

Jesi and Joe said...

WOW! Scary... and sad. It's just disgusting that they call themselves childcare providers. Good for you, Jodi. Hope it does something!

KE said...

Thank God, on behalf of these children, that you called it in. Just the thought of daycare makes me cringe, and the thought of bad daycare REALLY makes me ill. I am so, so glad you phoned it in.

At a park by my parents' house (where I went as a kid) it's now filled with nannies who just talk to each other and completely ignore the kids they are with. I always end up playing with my kids plus 2 or 3 others who are so glad to have the attention. It makes me so sad... :(


Jen said...

I've been wondering what became of this. I'd say the next step would be to report it to the local news. Surely those parents have the right to know that their children's lives have been endangered?

Janine the Bean said...

I'm glad you called and posted this Jodi. JJ was a bit shocked.

The Six of Us said...

I am trying to decide what to do. The very fact that they disregard the law in the matter of carseats makes me very scared what else could be disregarded. I just wish I would have had the where-with-all to video tape them driving off.