Thursday, August 28, 2008


"Once we are grown, marriage and family relationships become the focus of our love. Although based on love, lasting relationships require work: adaptations to the needs and desires of the other person. They also require learning about ourselves and the other person. Lasting relationships also require playfulness and a sense of humor, which keep us from taking ourselves too seriously and enable us to enjoy our relationship.
With the birth of children, love is coupled with the work but also the pleasure and joy of parenting. Again, a sense of humor and playful attitude make parenting more enjoyable for both parents and children. Fortunately our children often show us the way to be playful. I wrote this book partly to help parents appreciate how humor and playfulness contribute to the well being of children--and parents as well.

-David Elkind, The Power of Play
On the harmony of play, love and work


Sheri said...

I don't think either of you need to read that book. You've got it figured out! I think you're the best parents ever.

Janine the Bean said...

GREAT quote. Are you reading that book? I think this is something that lots of parents need to hear.

Josh, Jess, Sydney & Annie said...

Good quote. Totally unrelated, but don't you just love your Phil & Ted's??? I bought mine when Syd was born and have used it like crazy. The only bummer is when your "infant" gets big enough to kick her big sister's back a million times during an hour long walk!

The Six of Us said...
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The Six of Us said...

Sheri, Oh hardly. This book reminds me all the more of the work, love and humor it takes to interact as a family.

Janine, yes, I am reading this book

Jess, I absolutely LOVE my Phil and Ted. It was a gift from family and friends.

Marie said...


Love the quote. Also loved the photos on Friday!!! Great seeing you at the park the other day. We are being isolationist for a few weeks till Z. is a little bigger.

Take care,