Friday, August 29, 2008

Favorite Photo Friday

The Favorite:

Black and white

The runners up

"Max, can you get Noah a toy?"

Thanks for the treats, Grandma!

The endless amusement of ducks

One of the various positions I find the babies in


Smiley guy

My little sitter


Leslie said...

AWWWWW your children are gorgeous!!!! They melt my heart tooooo cute!

Have anice weekend,Leslie

Debbie said...

I was hoping someone would do that with children!!! I loved it!!


Hannah said...

That first picture is my absolute favorite picture!!! LOVE IT!


Sarah said...

Your children are absolutely precious!! I LOVE their diapers!!

Janine the Bean said...

I must say, you have stunning taste in diapers. ;)

Cute pictures as always. I love your Smiley Guy photo of Oliver.

The Six of Us said...

I must say, I would never have picked tie-dye for my babies bums, but I love them. They are my favorite diapers.

JPB said...

Black and White is great!!!

Sheri said...

The diapers - what style!

The kids - my four favorite!

Great pictures.

Carole Turner said...

I love the diapers!! Where did you get them?

SGT Sunshine said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the diaper shot! Now I'm jealous. =) You capture some wonderful moments in your children's lives. Thanks for sharing.

Marianne said...

Your pictures are stunning...I love the first one. Your children are just beautiful, thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

Tracy'sspace said...

Your babies are gorgeous!

Graycesmomma said...

They are just too adorable!

Stacey and Dewey said...

DARLING kids!!! I love the bright yellow diapers, too cute!!
Cute, cute pics!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!