Friday, September 12, 2008

Favorite Photo Friday

Excuse the quality of these photos. I was not able to edit any this morning.

The Favorite:

Lending a Step

The Runners Up:

Last of the summer days
Special Rock

What's your favorite?


Sarah said...

LOVE all the teeny tiny toes pictures and the step up pics!!

Mainely Me said...

"Help," he said, "is giving a part of yourself to someone who comes to accept it and needs it badly."

From JJ's Quote of the Day, Sept. 11.

Mainely Me said...

The first comment refers to the favorite.

I also like "Charge", as they don't all seem to be going the same direction:)

Leslie said...

OMG that first one is my favorite..What a bros for? LOL


Anonymous said...

your favorite is my favorite! What a great picture. I've seen Jake do that for Max at MacDonalds so that he can climb on the play structure and always have thought it's adorable.
I also liked the Last of the Summer with the feet in the mud. Great, great shots.... Mom Y.

Janine the Bean said...

I have to agree. Lending a Step wins my vote. But I also love Copying. It's hard to choose just one. :)

Kellie said...

I agree with you and everyone else, the step up picture is awesome. Such a helpful brother. But the charge picture and the copying picture are both so cute too...

The Six of Us said...

Soldiers without their leader have many courses and will soon see defeat.

Hannah said...

You always have such great pictures! I love the favorite picture this week too!


Hauswife said...

Yep, the first one -- AMAZING!

Coraly said...

favorite... accomplishment... crocs are big at our house for the simply reason, the girlys can put them on themselves!

sawheeler said...

TREES - Noah loves trees too!

Robyn said...

Great pics!! I love the first one!!


The Singlers said...

I just can't choose. Jake leading a step is just so Jake. I like Trees a lot too. Thanks Jodi for blessing us with your pictures. They give much joy around our house.