Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just How Much Jake Loves Singing


Max: "Alleluia... Alleluia... Father... Son... Holy Ghost... Alleluia" I enjoy greatly the sound of someone other than myself singing in the house and begin to think that perhaps forcing them to learn the Doxology will lead to an enjoyment of singing...

Jake: "Stop it, Max! She's goin' to remember that she wants me to sing that!"

Oh well.

On another musical note, while I was singing "God is Bigger than the Boogie Man" he chimed in "the next time Buddy comes and jumps on me, I will simply say "Hey! Cut that out!" and get back to my playing." Maybe we should just stick with Vegi Tales for our Musical endeavors.


Andrew and Rebecca said...

Praise God from Whom ALL Blessings Flow!!!! Your boys are all so precious! Thank you for writing on my blog. I do it for sanity and it's always nice when someone stops by for a visit! =D
YES, we'll be at a few of the Dove appts. At the Children's Museum and the dinner at the restaraunt. We also have it on our calendar for the Friday night get together on the 26th in Beaverton. How about you? Looking forward to meeting you soon. I love your blog!

Kellie said...

maybe Brett and I can sing veggie tales with him. I seem to remember the two of us annoying many others with those songs :)

Mainely Me said...

Just keep singing, Mommy!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like hearing children sing although I do remember being annoyed at Kellie and Brett with the Veggie songs! Keep those boys singing...!!!! Mom Y.

The Singlers said...

We know all the songs from Veggie Tunes 1,2, & most of 4 around here. They help. You should also get Slugs and Bugs by Randall Goodgame. It is just all around fun.