Monday, September 08, 2008

Hiking in and Driving up part II: The Driving up Part

So we have learned from hiking how LITTLE you need to camp when you have to carry it with you. This past weekend we learned how much you CAN take when you have your van at your camp sight. Did we honestly bring this much stuff? Good grief! Let me just say right now: that is a lot of work for one night. Next year we will stay for least! I have decided that the time spent at the actual campground should at least equal the time spent preparing. A good balance in my opinion.

The big boys had quite the time. Of course, most of the weekend was spent as dinosaurs...and bats. Aidan was quite taken with the bat talk at the campground. So, after arguments of which scary creature they were going to play, compromises were made to morph dinosaur games with bat games.

Dinosaur nest

Magic show by our "neighbor"


" sure to keep an eye on the fire for us!"

Buddies again

Just what is it about fires?!


Jammies, crocs, and a campfire.


The babies had a decent time. The thrill of the weekend was the trees. Absolutely mesmerizing! Especially for little Noah. The question of the hour: did they sleep? Well...that depends. Noah slept wonderfully atop the back seat of the van. Oliver, on the other hand, was quite cold and was under the impression that he could only sleep if he had body contact. So...he and I slept on the air mattress wedged between the front and back seats. It was a long, cold night and I was awake for much of it...watching the people come and go from the bathroom (people have to go a lot while camping!), listening to the car alarm set off by Janine when she tried to leave her armed van, and keeping my eye out for wildlife.

Noah's amusement

Overall, it was a great trip and we look forward to many more nights around the campfire


Mainely Me said...

Oh, Jodi, you make it look and sound so FUN! And I'm sure it was; just look at those boys doing what boys love to do and having the pleasure of sharing the experience with each other. Premium time!

Janine the Bean said...

I can't wait for our next camping trip!

JPB said...

Thats great. We need to do MORE of that. Just take off and camp.