Monday, September 08, 2008

Hiking in and Driving up to the Great Outdoors

Some of the family (Josh and Jake) was blessed to be able to spend up close and personal time in the grand Pacific Northwest twice this year. The other members braved the elements only one night and were left wishing for more.

The first adventure was Jake's first backpacking trip. Could it really be the summer for this? The summer Josh had been talking about since before Jake's birth? The "when Jakey is five, I want to take him backpacking...just like my dad took me" summer? Wow. I never realized it would be here so fast.

So off went a boy feeling as big as the trees, a daddy proud as could be and a grandpa wondering how it could he could be taking his grandson and not his son on his first trip up the mountain... leaving me with a very small feeling three year old and two babies.

He is five now...and the realization has hit me that I am not going to be present for all of those "big moments" anymore. It honestly does feel like the age of letting go of "early mommyhood." Fortunately, daddy was kind enough to take the camera along and let me peek into this special father/son time.

Day One: The Hike to Lake Pameliea

Of course...puppy made the trek as well. Breaks came often and at each break, puppy got some much needed time out of the backpack.

Boy's moms allowed telling little boys not to put sticks in the fire. Proof? just ask to see the scar on Jake's arm. It was a lesson in being tuff. "Jake, if you cry, you will have to stop playing in the fire." Yeah...not a mother response...but so good for him. I think this is when I realized that my role is changing...when daddy's responses begin to work better than mommy's.
Nights were much better by the I am told. Outside the ring of the fire's safety circleexisted fears of mountain lions, cougars (not the same thing to a five year old trying to make the woods sound more scary and his bravery more admirable) and bears.

Day Two: The Hike to Hunt's Lake

Day Three: The Hike back down the mountain.

A grand adventure indeed! A rite of passage into boyhood.

Our camping adventure with two five year olds, two three year olds and three babies will have to wait. Homeschool day one calls.


Mainely Me said...

This makes me want to go hiking! What fun they must have had; memories for a lifetime. I love it that Puppy got to go, too.

Anonymous said...

So good to get a glimpse into the boys' lives! I remember the "daddy" taking his "blankie" in the backpack the first time he went! Great memories. And, yes, Jake is growing up! Mom Y.

Baby steps to where we want to be said...

beautiful country out there... the south east has nothing on you guys. those are awesome pictures and capture the adventures into boyhood perfectly~

(D.S. friend: sweetpea)

JPB said...
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JPB said...

"If you cry, you don't get to play in the fire," is perfect Fathering in my book -- at least for a Son.

Of course, that doesn't carry over to times when the boy can't figure out why he's as angry as he is, when his fiance breaks up with him, or when he makes a major mistake and has to live with the consequences.

Just with fires, bikes, sports and stuff.