Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Review: Friday

It was a crazy weekend at the Yoder house. Well...not so much at the house. The house probably had a quite restful weekend as the inhabitants spend their time away celebrating what feels like the last of the summer days.

First stop Friday was the LBCC bookstore where Josh will resume his journey through school after a two term break.

The boys were quite obliged to come along after I promised that there would be no standing in the infamous bookstore line (daddy was there to do it) and we could play in the school quad. (something that, after standing in line and finagling our way through the bookstore I am not typically in the mood to do)

After the stop at LB it was over to Corvallis to pick up a gift for Max and some party food from WinCo. It was such a beautiful day that we ended up walking around downtown Corvallis for quite some time.

Here, Josh is showing off his balancing skills to two very impressed little boys.

On the walk, we ran into our good friend Enrique who was up in a cherry picker painting his bike shop. He graciously offered a ride to my reluctant boys who, with the accompaniment, of Josh agreed to a ride. They enjoyed it once inside and of course had bragging rights of bravery once safely on the ground.

What leisurely walk around Corvallis would be complete without a trip to the "sandpark"?

Which ended in my trying to take a picture of all four boys in their sweaters. Most turned out like this.
This was the best of the bunch. Oh well. At least you can see their faces!

Before loading into the car, Jake visited the Bookbin to find a present for his little brother. A dinosaur book of course!
We swung by WinCo to pick up some party food for Saturday's party (this time by myself) and then, because it was almost 6:00, we headed to the Arthur's unannounced (thank you Janine for your hospitality) where there was hot soup and Presidential debates all ready for us.
For the sake of sleep, we should have left after the debate, but for the sake of friendship (and reruns of the Office) we stayed way too late. At least I got the cake made for tomorrow's party. More to come of Saturday's events later.


Mainely Me said...

What wonderful fun!I love the sweater look.

JPB said...

Looks like a great time. The kind we love.

The Singlers said...

Sweaters?!? we are still wearing shorts and sweating up a storm - air conditioning is our friend still. What a difference....
It looks like a fun time was had by all

The Six of Us said...

It is an on/off sweater period. One day sweaters, one day fountains. No AC though.