Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Review: Saturday

We somehow managed to drag ourselves out of bed after four hours of sleep from Friday night. Perhaps it was the excitement of being woke up by a three year old with the words: "Is it my party day?!"

First, after getting the munchkins dressed and fed x4, we headed off to the cousin's soccer game. We made it by half time. Not bad. It made me very excited for the day we put Jake in soccer. SO cute!
Next came the party. We couldn't have asked for better weather for the end of September!

Eating time with all the cousins!

Baby Vaughn made an appearance. Overall, there were seven babies! Yikes!

Baby Blanket
Noah's New Smile

Oliver hanging out

The Cake

Apparently, Max did not know that Grandma was going to be there. She got a very excited welcome!

The day was good. Very relaxing as there was plenty of room for the kids to play and plenty of arms to hold babies. Unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries. Perfect day for THAT to happen!

Happy Birthday Party Max and Dominic


Mainely Me said...

That's a lot of Kids! And an impressive cake. The photos are all so good; I like the one of the 3 boys watching the big Noah looks. Did Jake have any comments?

The Six of Us said...

Jake's only comment was "is that ALL they do? Well...maybe when I'm six I would want to do that."

He began to run out on the field following Aidan though.

Max was more intent on watching than Jake.