Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Not So Wordless Wednesday and a Belated Movie Monday

So one question I often get is: How do the babies get along?

Well, that is an interesting question and the answer is complicated. They do like to be near each least Oliver always finds his way to where Noah is contentedly sitting with his toys.

However, I am not sure that desire to be near each other necessarily denotes friendship. It usually ends in screaming as Baby A undoubtedly will grab whatever toy Baby B is playing with. The scene typically goes something like this:

"OOOO...look at THAT is moving. I want THAT one!"
Followed by Baby B's toy getting grabbed away.

Baby A then inserts said toy into his mouth (marking territory???)

Baby B either a) attempts to grab it back b) throws a fit or c) a combination of the two.

This situation is only made worse by long fingernails, approaching naptimes or those irritating teeth that just can't seem to come through.

Honestly, this is their interaction the majority of the day unless they are physically restrained from getting to one another by the use of carriers, bouncers or barriers. My conclusion? Well, they're babies. I guess they just haven't reached the social level as of yet.

In this instance, Noah won the prize and Oliver was sent to his bed for a much needed nap.

They DO smile and talk from time to time...especially when they just wake up. Just the other day I saw them in their room before they saw me and they were "talking" between the two cribs. Both had managed to pull the beautiful comforters made by Aunt Kellie and Grandma off the side of their crib and were laying facing each other making cooing and squealing sounds.

And that is about all of the physcho analyzing I can inflict on my two little ones. Let's just say they don't yet have the mental development to "get along." Or perhaps they just have a little too much of the sinful nature coming out! Either way...they are loved and imagining my life without either one of them is next to impossible.

And before you watch the following video and say (like my husband inferred) "You just sat there and filmed them?" Just imagine this scenario taking place about ten times in the course of a day. One stretch of letting them "work it out" is not going to kill them (although it looks like Oliver is trying his best when he goes for Noah's hair!). Besides...this just HAS to be recorded to show them later in life.

Just babies were harmed during the recording of these events.

And if you are STILL horrified...just come spend a day at my house. :)


Ana said...

So I may be bucking the normal system of things, but I thought that was adorable. Noah just contently playing despite cries from his brother, and he even sneaked in a little smile to the camera! And wow to Oliver for almost getting up on all fours! Thanks for sharing a small peek into your daily life Jodi :)

The Six of Us said...

I am glad you can see the adorable side of things. It is really humorous to see the two of them.

Janine the Bean said...

Oh you horrible cruel mother.


That was funny.

SGT Sunshine said...

Too funny! That's what memories are made of. =) Great job capturing it. I bet they'll be best buds as they get older. Keep doing a great job mama!

sawheeler said...

Wish I could spend the day at your house - add one more to the mix it would be total chaos!

Kellie said...

that was so funny! I love it that Noah was so content because at that moment he had won! He had the toy they both wanted :)

Sheri said...

Even as a grandma (who should be in favor of protection from child cruelty) I loved it!!! I'm so glad that you got it on tape. They will someday love it too.

JPB said...

Keep taping. Maybe you'll catch something that will win you the 100,000 on Americas Funiest Videos and pay for their college.

Nick and Rosemary Cady said...

It says that the video is no longer available. Bummer.
Did it get reported by People for the Ethical Treatment of Babies or something?

Crazy mom said...

That is too cute!

Nnenne said...

Haha! Oliver put his head down and cried like it was the end of the world. That's so cute.

Rebecca and Andrew said...

So, this is my glimmer of insight once Ruby and Roman come home??? Thanks! Ha ha, just kidding. I actually applaud you for letting the boys try working some things out. Even though they are small, letting them do this is fair. Plus, it gave you something to do other than referee'ing! =D