Thursday, October 16, 2008

Checking Him Out...With No Return Date

Today is the day. Three months ago we drove to his orphanage for the last time, signed the papers, and casually drove away with him in our arms...leaving his home and bringing him to ours.

I was talking with my mom yesterday of this upcoming "monthly mark" and I used the words "we checked him out." She responded "Yep...and no due date."

I chuckled. It was funny.

As the day went on, however, my heart got heavy with these words. "No return date."

God grant that someday...we will return. That he will return.


Mainely Me said...

Return, yes, but NOT checked in, right?!

Sheri said...

You have to return to pick up his next brother or sister!!! You can give it some time though....!!!!

The Singlers said...

You will return and show Noah his first home. I can't think of any parents who will work harder to make sure that Noah knows where he comes from - then and now.