Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Please Pray

Not really in a writing mood, but please pray for Noah.

On Friday he began to have a fever.

On Saturday we took him to urgent care because it had gotten up to 104.7
He looked okay to the Dr there and we were told sometimes fevers went that high

On Sunday it went up to 105.

Monday we went to our Dr who ordered blood work and urine tests and asked to see him again the next day.

Monday night he called to tell us that Noah had a UTI and we went to pick up some antibiotics for him.

He was not happy with the medicine and threw it up :(

Tuesday morning (today) his fever had gone down to the 101-102 range. He was much more active and looking very well. I was expecting a clean report from the Dr.

However, he told us that a UTI should not produce such a high fever and that the infection was probably somewhere else. (In juggling around four kids I didn't catch if he thought the infection spread from another place or to another place)

He is concerned that it is possibly in his kidneys and listed a number of causes/reasons that I can not remember. (Max was not at his best this visit and it was a little hard to focus)

The next step is to try to get the fever down with the use of the antibiotics and then to have an ultrasound and some other test (scheduled for next Thursday).

He seems just fine...but something obviously isn't okay inside his little body.

Please pray for little Noah. He is our little love.

We love you, little one!


Bethany Fegles Photography said...

I'm so sorry to hear Noah isn't feeling well!! I will stop now and pray for him.

Coraly said...

I will be praying for healing in your little mans body!

Janine the Bean said...

We're praying. Ah, little Noah...God is holding you and is the Great Healer.

We love you.

Everything will be okay.

And boy...I just must say, that kid already shows signs of having more rhythm than your average white kid. Can't wait to see him in a couple of years.

Mainely Me said...

Perhaps he'll be my piano man?
That is so precious! And we are praying for God's healing of his little body and thanking God that he is here where he has medical care. We love him so much.

The Singlers said...

We will be praying. Keep us updated. Oh how we would so enjoy to meet Noah - we will just have to love him from afar.

The video is SO cute. Noah can dance. It was also wonderful to hear Jake's laugh in the background. We miss you guys....

Crazy mom said...

I'm praying for a quick recovery and wisdom for the doctor.


Heather said...

My daughter adopted from Ethiopia is battling exactly the same thing, except her infection was drug resistant to the first antibiotic and we had to change. They are wanting to do kidney, bladder, and urinary tract ultrasounds and tests. Please let me know what you find out as what they are going through is probably very similar.
~ Heather

Rebecca and Andrew said...

I am so sorry to hear this. Thinking of my two still there in ET, I wonder what the future will hold for Dr. visits that may be different than what our bio two have experienced. We really do have to go on faith alone sometimes, don't we? I know your faith is strong and you are leaning on the Great Healer. I will keep Noah and your family close to my heart and prayers.

The Biscuit Gang said...

Hi Jodi- So sorry you're little man is under the weather. Baby Ru sends a big hug as do we... Liz & Dan, Eaton Ohio

Nick and Rosemary said...

Poor little guy. We'll pray for him.

Sheri said...

Praise the Lord for fevers so that we can even know that something is going on with Noah's little body. When we were with him on Sun, all though, he was a little quieter than usual he still had smiles and laughter.
We're praying for healing and wisdom for the doctor to be able to find out what is going on. (and maybe if I contain our little angel, Maxwell, today you'll be able to hear a little bit better what is going on!!!

Jesi and Joe said...

Jodi... so sorry Noah's sick! How wretched! I'm sure they will get this figured out quickly and treated. It sounds like antibiotics are the right step... even if there is a kidney infection that's what they'd be using to treat that, right?

I'm sure you're goovy little love will be back in action and feeling great in no time! Big hugs to you all!