Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Musical Favorites

Life is crazy sometimes. Music helps. Here are some of the kid's favorites that keep us rockin' through the day.

Jake's Favorite: Call Me All by Paul Simon

Maxwell's Pick: "Big Rock Candy Mountain"

Noah's Groove:

Oliver prefers to make his own "music" these days. He's an original.


Coraly said...

I am with Noah, who does not love some good Charlie Brown music!!!

Sheri said...

Each one of the boy's personalities shows in their music choices!!! (even Olivers!) Great music boys!

Rebecca and Andrew said...

We all love music so much! Chloe's groove (about 18 months old) was Dixie Bach by the Canadian Brass. Although now she prefers the Newsboys! Elliot's was Flight of the Bumble bee and now it's anything ragtime! I think it is wonderful when parents provide music for their children!! You go girl!