Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Okay okay okay...I realize that I left this blog hanging with Noah not doing very well and have been missing since then. Sorry. Noah is doing good. His ultrasound on his kidneys came back normal. Praise God! He will have another test tomorrow to check for abnormalities in his bladder.

So where have we been since last Wednesday? Well,

Wednesday- Dr. appointment
Thursday- Tooth pulled (me)
Friday- Ultrasound (Noah)
Saturday- recovering from sickness caused by the meds for my tooth :( and a furnace installed (thank you Marie's brother!)
Sunday- church of course
Monday- massive catch up cleaning
Tuesday-sewing all day at various houses to assure that Neil and Buzz are properly outfitted and that McCain's suit doesn't look TOO huge.
Today? Well...who knows?


Janine the Bean said...

I didn't even make it to church Sunday. And your week shows you probably had it a little more rough than me.

Wednesday -- Day at the Spa with Janine and Joy where some random person pays for us to get pedicures, haircuts, and hour-long massages. THEN pays for us to go shopping for new fall sweaters and duds. Sound good? Well, one can dream...I haven't found the person to pay for it yet. Nor do I NEED it, but it sure does sound good to me.

Blog Snob said...

Mrs. The Bean,

I am sure that you get lots of emails sent to you by people from all around the world just trying to give you millions of dollars from long lost relatives that have died. Why don't you just use some of that money for a nice day out?


Janine the Bean said... got me...but I have it all invested. And you know how the market is right now. SERIOUSLY!

Whatever Snob.

Rebecca and Andrew said...

I am so glad you updated about Noah. I've been wondering! =)
I'm sorry to hear about your tooth, too! But, just in time to eat some festive candy that McCain brings home right?