Monday, December 22, 2008

Movie Monday: Snow Days

Snow brings a whole new world of things to imagine!

However, due to two small babies, we were not able to be out all day. The process of bringing them in is quite daunting and lets just say they are a little small to appreciate the winter wonderland.

And this is what snow does to boys! Maybe it is in the air.

Oh wait...this is typical. In a few years, it could be dangerous.

Thank goodness for Daddy who takes some energy from them.

All ready to go out!

Sliding in the streets


The start of a snowman. It was completed by a Finn Construction t-shirt in honor of Josh's new boss. Unfortunately, before I could take a picture, Jake exclaimed, "MOM! Mr. Finn just fell OVER!"

It was a fun couple of days despite our uncooperative van. It's rear wheel power refused to leave the company Christmas party on Friday. But honestly, I was much more comfortable being escorted by two four wheel drive trucks.


Coraly said...

What fun!!! We are snowed in at my moms with 18 degrees and too much snow to measure. We are hoping to get home by Sunday... but who knows.

Sheri said...

oh the fun memories - for the older boys at least. I'm ready for it to be done now though!

Mainely Me said...

Oh my! That video with Josh and the FOUR BOYS. That's a lot of motion! It really struck me when Ollie crawled into view and joined the fun.

JPB said...

Josh has a new job?

The Six of Us said...

Same job, new boss. His dad sold the company to another contractor.

JPB said...

I almost forgot how fun the snow was in Oregon!

The Singlers said...

I wish we had snow! Send it our way! It looks like Josh and the boys had lots of fun. I think that John might be glad that we have just two girls!

Alexandra says: You are our friends.

Amber said...

Great video. You have your hands full! Cuties!

anne said...

Love the video of all the boys attacking Josh. So fun and loud! But then again you are probably used to it!