Thursday, December 18, 2008

Going out

Oliver just decided that he would rather be down that held. Sad.

In other news, Noah was back in the Dr's office yesterday. I will spare you the details as it involves the diaper area. I called hoping to get a "just watch him" order, but instead he wanted to see him. So, I bundled them all up, packed them into the car, drove six blocks to the office, unpacked them all, drug them into the office, did my best to keep them all calm and quiet while we waited, shuffled them in once our name was called and attempted to occupy them once again in the small crowded room (those rooms are not designed for five people...not matter how small the people are). I must say, however, they have gotten great practice in "how to behave in an office." They take one or two small toys and ammuse themselves in one chair.

I did find out that Noah weighs 19 lbs now. That is about all. No other symptoms, he isn't acting sick, just another weird fluke I guess. His Dr said that sometimes he thinks of Noah and says "what in the world is going on with that kid!?"

So, we shuffled back into the waiting room, back into the car, and clambered inside. Two hours later we were back where we started from.

The people in the Dr. office are used to me now. The comments have turned to sympathetic chuckles and helping hands with the doors. But venturing out to stores is a different story. Of course, with four small children, I expect comments. Let's face it, this just ins't the norm anymore. At WinCo a lady said in passing with a sweet smile, "This must be a day care." When I said (with the same sweet smile) "Nope...they're all mine." She stopped. The smile dropped from her face and "your kidding" almost immediately fell from her lips. taking care of day care kids: acceptable. Taking care of my own: weirdo.

Honestly, I don't mind comments like this so long as I don't have to hear "You really have your hands full!" Again at the grocery store, I had heard that one too many times and (as both babies were attached to me in their carriers) I quickly remarked "actually they are pretty empty at the moment."

Mostly I don't mind. Sometimes I get tired of it. Other times I just don't really have the time to stop and chat with strangers before the meltdowns start for a needed snack or nap.

I went to the store by myself the other day and felt so...normal. No one stared, no one talked to me. I was just a typical shopper. And I was fast!

I must say it is nice when Josh accompanies me. Yesterday, for instance we split up. I took a list and two kids and he did the same. We got through the isles without having to call out "tight squeeze" (which usually sends the older two to designated spots at the front and back of the cart) and we made it through the checkstand in record time. Before we left the store we realized that Noah was missing his hat and Ollie was missing a sock. On a normal day, I would have marked it off as a loss. But with Josh, I could stay by the cart and he shot through the isles and found both. Maybe we will be shopping together more often.

Needless to say I have been staying home. It is better that way. However, I just realized that Christmas is a week away and the kids have nothing under the tree yet. Internet shopping deadlines have passed unless I want to pay for quick shipping. Oh well...presents are overrated. :)


Janine the Bean said...

Presents are overrated.

So your kids are going giftless? ;)

Your post made me laugh. I only have 3 and I swear some days I just want to say it to the strangers when I see them looking at me, "Yes, I have my hands full." They're going to say it anyways.

Dominic might count for 2 kids some days though.


Jess said...

Wow Jodi, Your hands really are full! =) If it makes you feel better, people say that to me and I only have two kids . . . that must make you super mom!

KE said...

Gee, Jodi, this sounds all so... familiar! :) :) :)

I always answer the "Your hands are so full" with "Yeah, the good kind of full." :) That's pretty much the only comment I've gotten... so far! :)


Sheri said...

You're doing great. What better to have your hand full with.

(I did get a chuckle, though.)

Sheri said...

Wait a minute.....giftless....
you want me to pick up a couple Wee Sings for you?

The Six of Us said...

Josh says "oh great!"

We plan on going on Saturday...if we can get our van, that is!

JPB said...

Our kids are going giftless from us and I think with the fun they had making other people's gifts and the gifts they get from their grandparents they should be fine.

As for the "your hands full" stuff ... you should just move out here to the Midwest.

I was talking to one of my friends in South Bend and he said the father of one of the several families we have in community with 9+ referred to his four as "a good starter kit."

You could be offended from completely the other side of things.

Really, when we're on the West Coast I feel like a freak.

The Six of Us said... really do feel like a freak here. One lady even said, after I explained that I got pregnant in the middle of the adoption, "Oh...bummer!"

It's okay though. At least those we are close to don't think us deranged!

Kellie said...

I have been laughing all through this post and the comments :)

I loved the "tight squeeze" and can picture it well and I loved my mom's comment about the wee sing and remembering the previous post about it.

love you guys and I can't wait to see you! Only 3 days left :)

Crazy mom said...

Oh, you brought back so many memories of going out when my kids were younger! THe stares and the comments - it's quite amazing.

When they say you have your hands full, try answering with a yes and my heart is full too! People picture all the work that young kids require, we need to point them to all the joy they bring as well!

You are truly, truly blessed with your boys!

As for the "tight squeeze", I sure can relate. When I have all eight of ours with me at the store there is NO way to stay out of everyone's way. Ah, life with a lot of kids - never dull...

nancy said...


Marie said...


If you ever need to drop a couple off while you go to the doctor's office, please know you can! S and P would love some friends over. :)

Rebecca and Andrew said...

Hey Jodi! And I was curious how it will go w/ two babies! =)
I love the "tight squeeze" phrase and will be using it soon, I'm sure! 'bec

Taia said...

Better your hands than your tummy!