Monday, December 15, 2008

Our December (thus far) in Pictures

At least what my camera caught. I have been on a photo vacation due to my camera developing a dislike for the batteries I have been using.

Happy December Day!
December 1st - Celebrating December with the choosing of a tree, decorating the tree with lights, a special dinner and family game night.

The reading of the Jesse Tree

December 5th - St. Nicholas Day - no pictures... :( Jake was thrilled with the "return" of his two small puppies. (Thank you, e-bay)

The object lesson

Gingerbread men

Christmas Sweater Party

December 14th - Lessons and Carols Service. We came out to a beautiful dusting of snow!
The next was a Willamette Vally Winter Wonderland. Not much of a fuss for our Northeastern relations, but pretty cool for us! Josh's new boss even let him come in late!

The babies did NOT appreciate the novelty and so we watched the boys play from indoors.
Just a funny picture of daily life around here.


JPB said...

Who are your northeastern relations?

The Six of Us said...

Okay okay...Our Midwestern relations. Better? are North and East of us.

Sheri said...

Oh to have young children again for the holidays! they make it so much fun. Enjoy!

(sounds like you've got a great new boss!)

Bethany Fegles Photography said...

Love that last shot! Too funny.
Looks like a wonderful December so far!!

Mainely Me said...

Northeastern relations..that wouldbe us when we move to Jackman, Maine
:)So good to get photos again, Jodi! We've missed you. Doesn
t look like Ollie has slowed down any.

Coraly said...

Oh the sweaters...what a fun flled season!!!

Janine the Bean said...

That is an attractive shot of me in front of the oven. Wow.

Some great snapshots of life.

I need to put some snow pictures up.

Kellie said...

love, love, love! I can't wait to see you all.

And the sweater party rocks! Wish I could have seen them all in person. It looks like jj's sweater was super manly!

The Singlers said...

Oh we miss you guys! You have more snow than we do! Not fair....

The boys are so big. More pictures please!

Alexandra says: "I miss you!"

Crazy mom said...

ooh, the Christmas sweaters, they are something to behold!