Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday...maybe next year.

First meeting

December 16th. It's on all the paperwork. Officially this is the day assigned to Noah as a "birthday." Next year we will be celebrating his 2nd birthday on this day. But I'm just not ready for him to be one.

In so many ways I feel like he just came to us...all quiet and withdrawn. And yet in other ways I cannot imagine our family without his loud exploratory hollers and screams, no doubt mimicking sounds he hears throughout the day.

But one year old? No way! After all, his birthday is unknown and more likely is not until January.

I feel cheated in some ways. A year old and yet I have only had him in my arms for 5 months. But that brings me to a very good thought: Noah has now been with us...in our family...more than anywhere else. He spent probably two months with his birth family. Maybe a few weeks with the woman who found him. About three months at Toukoul. FIVE months with us. I don't know why this point brings a smile to my face, but it does.

Oh how much we love this little boy! We are still trying to figure him out; however, as my three year old once again tackles his baby brother I realize that I am still trying to figure out all four of the boys. And I probably never will.

Happy eleven month birthday Noah Amsalu! We love you son!


Mainely Me said...

Ahhhh...may I send his birthday greetings in January? I still have Jan. 21st in my mind. I never wrote the December date on my calendar. Thanks for the reminder. Happy birthday, Sweet One. We love you, too.

The Six of Us said...

Yes. For this year, his birthday celebration is in January.

Janine the Bean said...

Happy Birthday Kiddo.

We love you and can't imagine life without you.

WMW said...

Happy birthday to Noah!

So strange having the birthday unknowns, isn't it?

Baby steps to where we want to be said...

Noah happy 5 months with your brothers, mama, & papa! you are one of the most beautiful little boys i have ever seen... i love your colorful hat and so does your little buddy, eli, from south carolina! hope to one day meet you little man. have a very blessed day!

The Singlers said...

Happy Birthday Noah! Hopefully, one day we can enjoy your loud exclaims!

Sheri said...

In 5 short months he has wiggled his way into all of our hearts. We cannot imagine life without him.
No, he does not seem a year old yet so I'm with you in waiting until Jan. this year. Whenever, I'm glad his birth mother gave him life and that you gave him a family!
Love you all!

~Laura~ said...

Happy Birthday!!

Thanks for all the travel advice. I'll be printing out all the comments and taking serious notes. :)

Who knit his hat? Love it!

sawheeler said...

Happy Birthday Noah - we celebrate 5 months with you!!!

anne said...

There are things you said about Noah and him being in your family's heart since the beginning that just struck accord with me. It made me weep.

That's how I feel about both our boys but hope they feel the same as they get older.

I feel like I know Z but then he does something and it makes me wonder...what don't I know? I want to know every part of him! Luke is definately still a mystery. I'm glad to hear you are still trying to figure out all your boys!

Happy soon to be one birthday Noah!