Saturday, February 21, 2009

Life in the Midst of Winter


Some believe the slumber
Of trees is in December
When timber's naked under sky
And squirrel keeps his chamber.

But I believe their fibers
Awake to life and labour
When turbulence comes roaring up
The land in loud October,

And plunders, strips, and sunders
And sends the leaves to wander
And undisguises prickly shapes
Beneath the golden splendour.

Then form returns. In warmer,
Seductive days, disarming
Its firmer will, the wood grew soft
And put forth dreams to murmur.

Into earnest winter
With spirit alert it enters;
The hunter wind and the hound frost
Have quelled the green enchanter.

-CS Lewis

1 comment:

Mainely Me said...

Remember the post I did from Idaho where I said I'm beginning to like naked trees? Well, CS Lewis did it again. Seems he has put words to so many things I FEEL and cannot get across in words! Beautifully stated.