Thursday, February 19, 2009

Neither here nor there...

...random photos from our random days.

Sharing some sand covered crumbs. Yum!

Noah's Ark?

Yes...those are ALL our children.
This is what we have to keep track of when Janine and I are together. Thank goodness for peripheral vision.

The littles have found a new favorite place since they realized that they can reach the windowsill. Of course, they can't really see anything yet (due to the angle from which they must look out), but that doesn't seem to matter.

Ollie often makes these sorts of faces. Our laughter boy.

Ollie is also our grabby boy.

Little did Oliver know, Max was on the other side waiting to "anaconda" him.
Not a game that is allowed anymore.

Blankie...a staple. Maybe we were silly for getting him a "sleeping prop" when he used to be so happy grabbing onto the collar of his clothing. He now has a very hard time (as I realized last night) going to sleep without this thing.

For some strange reason (out of character for our boys) Jake and Aidan wanted to pose for pictures. And they wanted control over the poses. Hmmm...
Janine rightly pointed out that this one resembles some sort of cheesy Senior portrait.
Hey. It's life.


KE said...

What gorgeous pictures! :) Can you come over to my house for a day? :) And the two little guys are getting so much bigger. Isn't it just the best? :)

Janine the Bean said...

Okay, I was laughing out loud at "anaconda him" and then again at the thought of our little photo shoot yesterday. I was trying to explain it to JJ how funny it was. I think you just had to be there.

I have a hundred pictures of Dom with his finger up his nose.

Some GREAT life shots. :)

The Six of Us said...

Kerith, I would LOVE to come take pictures of your kids sometime. My sister and I were just talking about how fun it is to photograph other children for a change. had to be there. Aidan's pose was the best. Did you get a good one?

Janine the Bean said...

I'll have to put it on my blog. My other model. ;)

Funny that Kerith should make that comment in light of our conversation. I was just thinking that.

Kellie said...

great pictures Jodi! I love them :)

Mainely Me said...

My kind of photos! I love the crumb sharing photo. The one of Jake is 'scary' in the sense that I really could see him as a teenager....Be little, little man.

Sheri said...

Noooooo they are all growing up too fast! Wonderful pictures of the cutest of kids!

JPB said...

Boy, Jakey looks a lot older.