Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Happy Birthday Babies!

Last year brought my parents four new grandchildren. Simeon came into the Arthur home, Charis into the Balsbaugh home, Ollie and Noah joined us and young Vaughn entered the Edewards home.

Last weekend we celebrated three of those babies (Simeon, Ollie and Noah)

If there is one thing I realize after each "first party", it is that the one-year-olds could really care less about the festivities...except for the strange (totally out of character) sweet thing that is brought onto their tray with a glowing light on the top accompanied by a random outburst of song...and perhaps the freedom to rip paper without a following "NO!"

But the adults got to talk, the kids got to play, and we were able to celebrate these three unique, wonderful little men. A worthwhile reason for gathering together.

Happy Birthday Littles!


Janine the Bean said...

Very cute.

I hadn't yet taken the time to put my pictures up.

Maybe tomorrow.

Or maybe I'll just direct people to your site.

Love you sis. It was a pleasure to do the party together. :)

JPB said...

Great coinage! We should always call them "the littles"

Aaron and Joy Edewards said...

2008 actually brought 5 babes not four, but easy to lose track with so many

Kellie said...

so cute! Nice pics Jodi :)

The Six of Us said...

It was actually Jake who coined the term "The Littles." It stuck. Although, when another one comes, we will have to call them "The Middles"

Yes, mom pointed out that there were 5 not 4. But I did NAME them all. I just forgot we had TWO. Oops...where is the other one. I better go find him. :)

Marie said...

Great pics!