Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ollie Update

How's Ollie, you ask? Well, I guess that would depend on which Dr. you ask.

Follow-up visit 1 (Friday): another almost three hour wait in urgent care (this time with the whole crew...boy was that fun). Same Dr. as before, hand is unwrapped and looked at, prodded, watched, splint attempt 1 with first nurse failed (all the while me holding a screaming pitiful baby), splint attempt 2 successful after more tears and sweat from Ollie.

Orthopedic specialists are called to see if an appointment can be procured. Orders are given to assure no pressure is put on his hand (which means he has to be held all day!) and return the next day for observation.

Other than that, Ollie is just peachy. No medicine needed, happy as can be (except for the confinement).

Follow-up visit 2 (Saturday): Not as long of a wait (thank goodness!) New Dr: an older grandfatherish man. Hand is unwrapped, observed, then bandaged up once again (Ollie is not fond of anyone who enters these rooms now and they all stand at the other side of the room to get him to stop crying and whimpering.) This Dr. tells me that it looks fine, though he may have a dropped finger (bent). He searches for a special kind of splint which will hold it up but, after finding one so small is unsuccessful, he improvises with a different kind. I am told to see my Dr. on Monday. When asked about infection (since the other Dr. mentioned it) he prescribes antibiotics (probably for my benefit and not Olivers.) When asked if I still need to hold him, I am assured that I don't need to confine him any longer (no doubt to the bennefit of Ollie).

We go straight home, deciding to wait until we see our own Dr. before getting him on antibiotics.

Follow-up visit 3 (Monday) Finally we get to see our PCP. After inspecting the wound, I am told to leave the bandages off and just let it heal. Whew! Finally some good news. No need to hold him, wrap him, splint him, or drug him. He will be just fine and his stiches will come out on Friday.

Oliver, through all of this, has been quite the little trooper. There are times when, of course, it obviously hurts; but he remains the same lovey, go-get-'em Ollie.


Kellie said...

What a trooper, poor little guy. Thanks for the update!

Proud Parents said...

Yes, thanks for the update! I'm sure that God made a special note about you during this time, too!

Sheri said...

He was amazingly happy when we saw him. What a kid! Does he still want to be around doors or has this cured him?!

Nick and Rosemary said...

What a tough little guy! I pray that finger will heal perfectly. Blessings to you guys.

Janine the Bean said...

I'm so glad he's pulling out of it and still has a finger.


sawheeler said...

he is an amazing boy!D