Monday, April 13, 2009

Reading Companion

My sister Janine asked awhile back if I thought Jake might be interested in the library's Read to a Dog Program. One look from me made her realize the silliness of her question. I had to chuckle at the thought of putting Jake in front of one of these (to get into Jake's head) unstable, unpredictable, fast moving, loud sounding creatures who must constantly be watched lest their actions turn towards him creatures and expect him to focus enough to read one single word, let alone entire books. No...not the program for Jake.
However, the idea itself is a great one and, while strolling the isles of Home Depot for the umpteenth time this month, we came across some nice little houseplants. Wonderful immobile,contained natural little things. I let him pick one out and he went to the car a happy little guy with his African Violet in hand. Fortunately, this new house guest has just the right temperament for sitting still and listening to easy readers (you never know with plants these days).
I am sure Violet will thrive under Jake's attention as he loves showering his new friend with books such Curious George and Hop on Pop. He remembers every morning to check her water level and flower production and he even is aware of the safety of her resting place...checking each new location as to whether it is out of reach of two certain little brothers.

I should add that Max also get to pick out a plant...however, I have been informed that his ONLY likes to be read to by an adult. never know with these plants.

Plants are great listeners...and there is no threat of them jumping on you when you aren't looking.

The "Can the Littles Reach It" test.

Max's "burning bush" plant. There was actually no name on the tag...just "house plant" which didn't stand up against "African Violet."

Welcome plants! May your dirt always be moist and may your pot never be dropped!


Janine the Bean said...

I'm giggling right now. That is such a great idea.

I myself, after further reflection, realized that the dog thing wouldn't work for Jake.

Only a mom who knows her own son would think of this. I love it.

Kellie said...

That is the cutest idea ever. I love it! I too, am giggling reading this post :)

Coraly said...

That is a wonderful idea... I love how he takes such great care of his plant... I might be stealing your idea!

Hey when are you coming for a visit...

The Singlers said...

Jodi - I just love your sense of humor. I can totally see Jake taking care of Violet. We will have to steal this idea. Thanks for the giggles.

Mainely Me said...

Laughing, laughing, laughing.......!

Taia said...

I love this post! Read to a plant sounds like a great program. Dogs are complex. It reminds me of going to Petco with Ronan to visit the fish. Before I finished your post, I considered a "read to a goldfish" program but read to a plant is better.

Sheri said...

I'm grinning from ear to ear. This is the cutest post yet!

I love it that Jake is his OWN person.

As for Max - it amazes me that he sits so still, for so long, to be read to. I thought he would require a little more activity!

JPB said...

I am still processing. My nephew is reading Dr. Suess to an African Violet???

Pretty cute :-)

I'll never forget his "Ooooohhhh ... I wish we were at the parking lot" at the beach when the tide started coming in.

Janine the Bean said...

You know, you could have chosen any of the following for your blessings upon the plant. They would have made me happier...

"May your roots always find the water they need..."

"May you always be well-watered..."

"May your home never know of the word 'draught'..."

You know I hate that "m" word.