Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa Night

It is their bedtime and the boys are snuggled up in our bed with a movie on. Tonight marks the very first Grandma/Grandpa Night. I wasn't planning on these nights for a few months, but then again, I don't really know how to plan for this. None of us do.

Josh's parents are moving to Brazil. Selling mostly everything and following God's call to be a light and encouragement to the Brazilians and the Americans serving there. Once again, this gives us reason to look up to them as faithful servants. Examples of faith in our daily lives.

But Jake is five. And taking it very hard.

And yet, he needs this in his life. He needs these opportunities to see living sacrifice for the sake of the Gospel. He needs to see how hard it is for them to leave and he needs to feel what it is like to say goodbye. And he will need those many many talks that will come between us in response. Only God knows, but there very well may come a time when we pick up our family and move with the same purpose. This is good. It is right. By the grace of God, Jake will remember this later in life and I pray it will grow in him the kind of faith he can see in his grandparents.

But Jake is five. And it is very hard.

So tonight, after a mopey day, I was able to get an answer to my persistent question of "What's wrong, Jake?" Just three words: "Grandpa and Grandma."

So...Grandpa and Grandma Night is born. Times when they feel sad, and miss them, and just need to do some things that, left to our own devices, we would never do. Or do those things that became the glue of that special bond between the boys and their grandparents. I will never be grandma, but I sure can help them remember.

We love you, Grandma and Grandpa.


Sheri said...

break my heart. This is the part that is the very hardest and hearing Jakes voice on the phone tonight brought tears. I do not know HOW I can leave them, any of them, or any of those I love. And yet, God is faithful and it is a good reminder to me that He works together all for good.

But we are not gone yet, and Jake, I see a walk together for icecream, a movie called Homeward Bound and a sleep over at our new apartment soon! I love you all.

Kellie said...

I'm right there with Jake. I have Grandma and Grandpa nights too :) It's hard to see them go. I have to keep reminding myself that the reason they are going is so great. And God is working this for the good in all of our lives not just theirs.

Janine the Bean said...


That was hard for ME.

Janine the Bean said...

And by the way, JJ said that's a great picture. I agree. Did you take it with your 50mm?

WMW said...

Wow. Changes and goodbyes are hard no matter how great the purpose. Blessings to all of you as you navigate this time.


Grandma M. said...

I should have known better then to read your blog today, but it's Sunday and that's what do. I sat here and cried because I ache for Jakey and then I remember that my tears are selfish ones becauseI too have times when I think I can't stand to see them go, but remember that they are being obedient to the call of jesus and I would not want them to be disobedient. Itis great to think that God has chosen then to go and spread the gospel to those who may not have heard and to be an encouragement to those who need encouraging. God is good!