Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No Thank You
by Shell Silverstein

No I do not want a kitten,
No cute, cuddly kitty-poo,
No more long hair in my cornflakes,
No more midnight meowing mews.

No more scratchin', snarlin', spitters,
No more sofas clawed to shreds,
No more smell of kitty litter,
No more mousies in my bed.

No I will not take that kitten--
I've had lice and I've had fleas,
I've been scratched and sprayed and bitten,
I've developed allergies.

If you've got an ape, I'll take him,
If you have a lion that's fine,
If you brought some walking bacon,
Leave him here, I'll treat him kind.

I have room for mice and gerbils,
I have beds for boars and bats,
But please please take away that kitten --
Quick -- 'fore it becomes a cat.
Well...it is kind of cute at that.

Welcome to the world little kittens! May you all find homes...just not with us.


Janine the Bean said...

You dirty rat. Take a cat.

Coraly said...

I think you should take a kitty...they are so cute!!!

Jen said...

I want one!

Jen said...

Oh, wait. Charis has my nail polish remover...perhaps I better wait for a pet.

Janine the Bean said...


Hmmm...if we DO make the trip out this summer, that would be perfect timing. We could bring one cross-country. Or two!

Jen said...

Yikes! I didn't think about that. It better be fixed and potty trained. Wait. How crazy would you have to be to drive 3 kids AND a cat across the country!? That's insane!

Janine the Bean said...

I live for insanity!

Sheri said...

Once you take one they're hard to get rid of....!!! You have to sell your house with the cat....