Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mini family reunion

We were blessed yesterday to hold a mini family reunion. Two of my beloved aunts were there (Gene and Carol) as well as some dear cousins (Beth and Paul and Rachael) and some cousin's kiddos (Olivia, Liza, and little Amie). Of course, our whole local branch was there...a total of 8 adults, and 11 kids (we missed you Jon and Jen). Naturally, it made it reminiscent of large family get-togethers when I was among the young generation. So glad we could get together...wish there could have been more. Who's up for a Balsbaugh family reunion? :)

Here's a slideshow of some of the fun. (To those who are far away, the song is for you.)


Anonymous said...

What fun!! Wish we could have joined you all!!! Wow! Olivia and Liza have really grown up! I"m all for planning a reunion.. I still havn't PERSONALLY met Oliver and Noah yet! A.Ann

Janine the Bean said...

Aunt Ann,

I'll join you on the party planning committee.

Great pictures Jodi. I love seeing Noah and
Amie together. We need an adopted princess to add to the mix.

That was so much fun.

Mainely Me said...

Thanks for the photos, Jodi. My camera batteries must be shot as they didn't work even after a charge. Or maybe it's the charger. Anyway, it was such a fun evening.

The Six of Us said...

Let's do it! I miss my family.

K. Falls has places to rent I am sure :)

And wow, Ann, I guess I owe you a trip down there!

Paul & Beth said...

Thanks for letting us crash the party! Wish it could have been longer. Miss all my cousins and family get-togethers. I'm in on that reunion!


JPB said...

Just make it when we can be in town. I want to watch Aaron and Dad light a grill together.