Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Adoption Day, Noah Amsalu!

We don't know when Noah was born. He has a birthday to celebrate like everyone else, but the sentimental attachment to "exactly one year ago" that us Westerners have can't really be said on the day we celebrate his birth. Also, we have no memories of the wonderful special day. No idea of the circumstances or surroundings of his birth.

But Adoption Day! The one year mark came and went yesterday and filled my heart with so much joy to remember that first meeting. His birth into our family and into our arms. We have seen him go from withdrawn, scared little baby to a reserved, quiet goofball!

Dear Noah,
You can read the story of your adoption day, but you will never know the true feelings that were in our hearts the day we first held you in our arms. Immediately you were our son. We loved you more than we realized was possible yet, just like true loves does, the love that was fuller than possibility has only grown in the past year. We love you little man. Happy Adoption Day!


Bethany Fegles Photography said...


Your last two posts made me cry!! Happy Adoption Day to you guys!! What a precious gift little Noah is. And he is SO CUTE!! Oh my!

Janine the Bean said...

Words are not enough to say how much Noah has touched our lives.

What a beautiful, and I mean BEAUTIFUL song and video.

I can't wait for our turn!

Janine the Bean said...

And I love him in his outfit! A year later and it fits better.


Kramer Family said...

Your adoption story brought tears to my eyes. Noah is blessed to have a family like you guys!!! Happy Adoption day! (a little late :)

Sheri said...

such a blessing all the way around! Can't imagine our family without him now. I love him in the outfit!

Mainely Me said...

I'm loving the story: hearing details not heard before, shedding some happy tears,again, thanking God for the gift of each of our grandchildren and His creative revelation in each of them.

Carrie said...

Noah is gorgeous! I came to your blog from TWTM message boards on our 1 year Adoption Day! Love your blog!