Monday, August 10, 2009

A good weekend

Last weekend was Dove's annual (or bi-annual) get-together and what a good time was had! Friday evening had a trip to the Children's museum in store which held the excitement of Jake for a whole week. Unfortunately, with loads and loads of people there, it was a little hard to visit, but we did get some catching up done...including two lovely ladies whose children "shared a crib" so to speak at Toukoul. (no...they don't really share cribs, they have their own) The boys had a great time and, of course, were not ready to leave. We played in the water, petted animals, drove some trains, and had some snacks. However, when asked what their favorite part of the museum was, both agreed "chasing daddy outside!"

A late night drive and an early drive back...but the driving wasn't ALL bad. We read "Black Like Me" on the drive...a book I would recommend to anyone and one that will be on our "must read list "for our kids. The event this time proved a more conversation friendly atmosphere: good ol' picnic in the park. Josh was kind enough to watch the boys while attended a seminar on finding your identity in an interracial adoption. Wow! What insight!It was encouraging to hear how individual of a process this will be. Oh for grace to guide Noah!

We had a great time meeting new friends and catching up with older ones. Thank you, Dove, for putting this on! And thank you, Krista, for finding and holding on to my book prize! I guess this is another reason to come and visit!


Kellie said...

The boys are so cute! I wish I could be there, I miss you guys :)

sawheeler said...

I'm so happy you all had so much fun! I wish we could have been there earlier on Friday...The ride back was quite uneventful and only 2.5 hours, unfortunately that started after 10 pm...Thanks for hanging out in the boring parking lot as long as you did!