Tuesday, August 11, 2009

There are worse things thank taking candy from babies

Have you ever seen these pictures taken by this artist?

In case you are wondering, method really does have this affect and I am convinced that whoever coined the phrase "as easy as taking candy from a baby" forgot the instant security alarm feature.

I was happy to see, however, that this tactic does not work for my four (almost) and six year old.

Now, although I did not take the suckers away for strictly photographic reasons (a whole sucker for a baby? I don't think so!), I never truly saw what all of the outrage was about against her. I am much more opposed to child film stars and the things they make those children do for "art and entertainment's" sake than 30 seconds without a lolipop. Or if we are advocating for children, why not speak up for the ones who will die from hunger, let alone ever see a lolipop.

If you give a toddler a sucker...they'll want to eat the stick as well.


Janine the Bean said...


I remember heated debates about those photos.

So, for what purpose will you use yours?


The Six of Us said...

Who knows!

Perhaps in a similar...yet opposite...way. ;)