Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Presentation Day

Public speaking. At some point in our lives, we all have to do it. But how many actually enjoy it? It is important to me that the kids have some experience in these early years of standing in front of people with a specific thing to tell while remaining somewhat composed. This was the first of the character presentations and it was a blast.

Of course, they were much more comfortable and put together practicing in front of me at home, but hey...aren't we all!

Sorry about the sound and video quality on these...but with nine adults and 12 kids under 9 in the room...we were happy it was this quiet.

Sorry...blogger was taking too long to upload photos...you'll have to go to Youtube if you want to see them. :)


Kat said...

That is SOOO awesome! Great idea...may have to borrow it! Thank you for sharing!!!!

Kellie said...

That was so cute! I loved the videos including seeing what the littles were up to :)

Coraly said...
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Sheri said...

Wonderful job, boys! And it was so good to see the faces and hear them talk. Can't believe that they are old enough for this....!

Mainely Me said...

That was SO fun for me! Keep it up, "Teach".