Sunday, November 01, 2009

That time of year again...

I never was a huge fan of Halloween, and yet I didn't really like the idea of avoiding simple, fun things like collecting loads of candy from local businesses and houses. So...after a couple of years of randomly dressing up, I decided upon a new family tradition. The rule is: you can dress up, but it must be a real historical character. Yet as I am typing, I am remembering more of how the tradition began: Jake was terrified of animal costumes. Wouldn't come near the things at two. Combine that with the Reformation Day party our church was having and "Jake as Martin Luther" was born. Animals were out, but a robe and cross? Sure mom. I'll do that.
Next came Lewis and Clark, Followed by The Wright Brothers followed by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin who accompanied the then Senators Obama and McCain. It is a favorite time in October to look back over the pictures and remember the endless amounts of fun and pretending that have come with those costumes.

However, this was the first year my whole idea could come together. They had to choose their costume in early October and spend most of the month learning about their chosen person. Since we are studying ancient history, we chose from among the ancients: Moses and Ramses.

It is a lot to do. Costume making takes much of my time and sleep. But I have to admit, the excitement that comes from learning, pretending, planning and actually "becoming" the character of their choice is priceless.
This year, we were able to include "presentations" to the weekend agenda. Chaos abounded but presentations were given to an audience of nine adults, five under 3, three 4 year olds, three six year olds and a nine year old. Each took their turn nicely and there were only a few "filling ins" for little brothers by big brothers.

It was a fun weekend. Crammed full of fun. Of course, the comments are always hilarious. We heard lots of "Pharaoh and Abraham" comments (welcome to the NW) or shepherd and wiseman guesses, and the boys were quick to point out the truth of who they were. One collage guy was about beside himself over Max's costume...declaring it an "Arab" costume and saying he "looks just like a Bedouin." I took that as a compliment. The middle ages comes next year and already ideas are forming in their heads. We'll see if they remain there. Knowing my kids, they probably will.

Oh...the littles? Well, they got a little bit neglected this year, knowing that they really could care less. But I did quickly and hastily make them little fleece tablets to waddle around in. Yep...the 10 commandments. As I was in the fabric store with Jake he warns, "You better tell Max he can't throw and smash them." Fortunately, Max only found this a funny proposition and didn't actually try.

I am always a little amazed and the types of stores who willingly open their doors to let masses of candy-loaded children wander around.
"That lady gave me tootsie roll THIS BIG!"

Jake really did have a good time, he just likes to assume the character.

The 10 commandments (or at least 5) are no match for Pharaoh. He broke right away and ran towards the street.

After this much sewing, I expect to find pins everywhere...I just didn't expect to find one here. Yes, that is Noah's hair.

Noah learned a new word: TANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Max's favorite pose: Parting the Red Sea

Jake's favorite pose

Pensive moment
Dare I?

My little Laws: who stayed warm in their fleece and loved to be out getting the candy, but had a hard time when they couldn't eat every piece.
My little pharaoh: who loves getting into character
My little Prophet: who likes getting dressed, but also likes taking off the costume. Who could definitely do without his picture being taken, and who chose Moses because "I don't want to make you make a hard costume. I wuv woo mommy!"

Our boys


alpidarkomama said...

Cute pictures, as always! And nice Hebrew writing! :)

Janine the Bean said...

I can't wait for next year already! You amaze and inspire me sis. Aidan has a similar Pharaoh pose to Jake's. Wait for pictures. He looked downright mean!

King Tut over here still can't get over that Jake had a crook and flail (especially since I said that I was SURE Jake wouldn't have one either.)

I've learned to never underestimate you. year...I hope to try to sew my own.

Sheri said...

Again I am amazed by your creativity. And your patience! What great memories for the whole family. They are darling....beyond words!

The Six of Us said...

It was great fun this year.

Thanks Kerith...but don't look TOO closely. Amirah probably does better. ;)

Kellie said...

As I said on Facebook, you are amazing Jodi! So creative. I look forward to Halloween every year simply because I can't wait to see what you will come up with. My favorite part is Jake wanting you to tell Max not to smash the littles :) But I'm still wondering did you win?

evenshine said...

OK. You are my official Halloween Heroine. The costumes are amazing! I couldn't even come up with a Saint costume for a five-year-old for All Saint's!! And, as always, adorable kids.

Jill said...

Great costumes, and I love how they learn about their characters as you research them with the boys. I love how you make homeschooling so fun.

hayneshome said...

Bravo mom and dad. Once again you have outdone yourselves. I love the attention to detail. I must brush up on my Hebrew though.

Taia said...

Any idea when Corvallis downtown e-mails the picture? It's the only picture of us all in costume.

Psalm117 said...

The historical costumes is such a great tradition you have made in your family. I love learning about others families traditions and making our own too. I did laugh out loud at the sewing pin in Noah's hair, my mom was a full time seamstress and we have many funny "pin stories" too. They just get every where! Thankfully the littles did not get thrown down. :) ~Heidi