Sunday, March 28, 2010

Biology .101

The school year is close to over. Can it be true? It certainly felt true as we set off for our science field trip to review all we learned in first grade life science.

Science has indeed been one of my favorite subjects to teach. Because I myself am scientifically minded? Oh no no no. But because I get to see passion for something grow in my child...not because he is mirroring us, but because God put the interest (for whatever reason) into his mind.

Our curriculum was pretty simple: create a tree (animal kingdom) and study each branch. So this weekend, to wrap it up, we set off on a journey to see something from every class of the animal kingdom (Kingdom, phylum, class, order...if you remember from your own school days.) as well as as many orders of Arthropod and Vertebrates. We succeeded with the exception of seeing an arachnid and chilopoda. Hopefully we will be able to wrap those up tomorrow with a little digging in the garden.

Without the commotion of the dear littles, we were able to take our time, see the sights, and
spend some much needed two on two time (plus Lily). A wonderful trip.

We giggled more than once at the things that came out of his head. Like, for example, his comparison between the jump of a flying lizard and the length of an anaconda. From the zoo to the coast to the backyard...we had a great time.

On our way

At the zoo...with weird faces.
Thanks Kellie: ever since your trip and photo shoot I can't get them to make normal faces.

Lily was especially taken with the elephants.

Extra points for touching animals (Max racked more than Jake in this area)

Josh thought this one resembled Ollie.

The explorers

Breakfast at Pig and Pancake on day two

The Beach!

Max found the squirting water fountain funny...especially when we "tricked" daddy into stepping in front of it. Thanks daddy for being a good sport ;)

Watching candy being made at Depot Bay


Feeding at the aquarium


Mainely Me said...

Looks like a LOT of fun!

The Singlers said...

Wow - that looks like fun! Samantha would also get extra point for touching animals.

And I noticed that you have the Graco Nautilus carseat! It is our backup for John's car.

Coraly said...

wow!! how fun a trip for the big boys!
Funny, I was going to ask you about the carseats. Maisen needs a new one and is no where near the heighth or weight for the booster,do you like those carseats...she is desperate for a pinkcar seat and I saw they make that one in pink.

Kellie said...

I loved this post! Funny stuff... from max earning more points for touching the animals to josh thinking the monkey looked like oliver! And, I'm glad I could be of some influence even if it relates to making funny faces for pictures! Love you all!!

Sheri said...

had to chuckle over Josh's comparison to Ollie - but so true!!!! I'm so glad that you got a chance to do the two by two. Great memories for these "bigs" when so much of their lives are full of "littles and mini"!
What a wonderful post!

Jill said...

I love the picture of the big boys running down the hill toward the beach! Classic.