Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Much love

Noah asked for a kiss during lunch. Seeing the happiness it brought, Max asked to give one. Then Ollie...then Jake.

This is what I saw.

I am blessed. Truly. Simply. Blessed.

On a side note, our praying mantis egg case hatched...

...and I love dresses on my little girlie.


Sheri said...

oh....I miss those kisses! You are blessed and so are all of us that get a kiss from those little lips now and then!!! And the girlie is adorable (along with the man kissing her!) and her little dress isn't too bad either!

Janine the Bean said...


Hey, bring us some mantises today! I promise we'll bring another dissection to your table in exchange.

Coraly said...

I love the new Eaaster Picture of your wonderful family! and yes dress are simply the very best!I sure miss you my wonderful friend!

Rebecca said...

Looks like your shopping trip was successful...everyone looks so dapper!

Great family pic :)

Abigail said...

Beautifully sweet kisses! I love dresses on my little girlie too. =)