Friday, March 19, 2010

Favorite Photo Friday

I could say that my photos these days are not the quality I would like them to be and therefore will not be blogged, but I can already hear groans from far-away relatives, ya go! Some favorite moments from the week. :)

The Favorite

Runners up:

Daddy's hold
Darn those gates!

Spring bubbles

Two boys, one love

Ollie set this one up.
Playmobil: seriously the best toy we ever invested in!

Making juice: Max's new job

Nice form!


Precious daughter of mine

Goofy as usual

Whatever works


"We HAVE to go inside?"

What's your favorite?


Sheri said...

thank you for posting the "not quite perfect pictures"! they look wonderful to me and, as always, who could pick a favorite as I can see all of their personalities in the shots! I do love Ollie and the gate though. Doesn't surprise me a bit that he would be trying to escape - I'm just surprised that Noah isn't there helping him! Keep posting the pictures, perfect or not!

Kellie said...

Oh so cute! I love Ollie and the gate as well, it's just so perfect for him :) I also love Max's job and that he is using the smiley face spoon!

alpidarkomama said...

Even your "not quite perfect" pictures are hands-down the best family pictures ever. :) I love seeing their cute faces! :)