Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day to All

What is done in schools for the celebration of this holiday? I really have no I myself was home schooled and also "missed out" on the fun party days of elementary classroom education. Do I feel badly depriving my kids of this? Well, no, because selfishly I would be deprived of celebrating these days if the munchkins were divided up into their own classrooms.

And hey...we had a blast!

Watched a little short on the history of St. Patrick, talked/prayed for missionaries.

Green eggs and green milk: did you know Leprechauns turn everything green? Okay..maybe not, but they do in OUR house (mischievous little suckers).

After breakfast, Jake declared "Leprechaun hunting season is OPEN!" (I'll give you one guess who the Leprechauns were). We did have to quickly establish that the leprechauns had to be caught UNharmed or it didn't count for a wish or gold or candy or anything...except some form of punishment. In other-words, best put down your guns, boys.

Then a little Irish tradition/myth/dancing. Not that my kids are as interested as Mr. Aidan in the Irish dance, but I did get them to jig for awhile. And I must say we completed quite a good routine.

Crafts...gotta have crafts! Noah and Ollie showed their maturity with paint by keeping it mostly off of the table, face, hair, each other, etc. While Max finally took me at my word that one can get much more colorful pictures if the colors are not mixed.

Then after an uneventful lunch (hey, creativity has to take a break sometime on days like these) we finished up the "school day" with a rousing game of "find the leprechaun" in which I hide, an found and captured until I grant a wish (the throwing of rainbow candy).

It was a good day, finished off with an evening with the Arthurs where homeschool classrooms collided with stories of their days and hopeful glances that SOMEone would have forgotten to wear green.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Here's a look at the Irish dance. Forgive the costumes. River Dance is hard to recreate in a house full of boys.

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Kellie said...

sounds like fun Jodi! too bad you couldn't come to our house because I forgot to wear green and so did grandma and grandpa. Jason remember though :) They would have had so much fun pinching all of us!

Sheri said...

where do you get your energy?! You go far and beyond what is expected of a homeschool mom....
Again, you're making the best of memories and I'm sure the boys will quickly call you "blessed" as they grow alittle older.

Sheri said...

and the video? TOO funny!!!! (how did you get Josh to do that?!)

Aaron and Joy Edewards said...

Uummhh. Noah could totally pull off girl.