Thursday, March 11, 2010

Only homeschooling moms

Only a homeschooling mom would bring over a half dissected fish to pick apart.

Only a homeschooling mom would be happy to have this happen.

Science for today, check!

Jake did not appreciate the smelling...or the touching part.

These were a hit

The little ones were quite amused (and very "hands on")

Max wanted to keep some things to show Josh.
This one is for you, Mom Y.

(Sorry...I just couldn't help myself) :)


alpidarkomama said...

That last picture MADE MY DAY! Well, my night! So funny. I'll laugh all the way to bed. :)

Kat said...

Totally laughed (so true) and made me a little nauseous...that coming from a mom of five that has had poop shot at

Ana said...

Fun! We used to do that with our dad on the banks of the Kenai River up in Alaska. Great homeschooling moment!

Janine the Bean said...

It was a blast. Simeon got way too into it. His sweatshirt is a bit stinky today. I forgot about it and left it in the van last night.

Jake cracked me up.

Mainely Me said...

Makes me miss my Dad.

Sheri said...

just got the internet so I finally saw these pictures. TOO funny! Just wish I could have been there to experience it myself (the boy's reactions-not the fish!) What a great teacher you are. And Jake, you got to get over the smell, all good fishermen have to clean their own fish!!!! (and put the worms on the hook)