Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Little boy, I love your hair. I love it crazy, I Love it in twists, I love it short or long, done or wild.
I hope you love it too...because it is what God gave you. I hope you never worry what people think or wish it was another way. But if you do, I will help you to understand that you are not your hair. You are beautiful because of the soul God gave you. You are beautiful because you are a child of God. (who just so happens to have great hair.) :)

Little ones, change the expectations. Redefine them as they see the person you are. Beautiful.

Thank you for the link to the song, Janine!


Kellie said...

I agree Jodi! I love his hair too! I couldn't stop touching it when I was there :)

Janine the Bean said...

So, I guess you liked it then. ;)

I understand you couldn't put the version that I sent to you on your blog as you can't embed it (and it's also a little bit more one-sided in the feminine struggle. BUT, I think you can really hear the beauty of her voice even more here.

I think this version has an added dimension with the contrast of India alongside the white man with the acoustic guitar. He's another person singing "I am not MY hair, I am not THIS skin."

And I think it's cute that she's wearing a skirt with Jack Johnson on it.

But, as you know I've still got the R & B love here, so thanks for posting the "real" version.

Love you Noni. And not for your hair. Though some day, Aunt Janine is gonna give you some killer corn rows.